Elyssium Medical Grade Peels

Freshen and improve your skin dramatically with powerful and innovative treatments designed to reveal healthy, luminous skin. Peels do more than exfoliate – they also signal a cascade of new skin cell generation, allowing your strongest, healthiest complexion to emerge. Ideally, peels are performed in a series, or alternating with Laser Genesis for dramatic results. All of our peels are safe for all skin tones.

“Lunchtime” Peel

Fruit acid peels such as blueberry and pomegranate are used to improve the overall texture and health of the skin, addressing mild acne and acne scars, superficial spots, fine lines, rough and scaly patches, sun damaged skin and a dull complexion. Our light lunchtime peels are time-efficient and cost-effective, causing no “down-time,” true peeling or excessive dryness. Leave your skin smooth, bright, and clean; enhance skin renewal; and improve penetration of skin care products, making them even more effective.

  • “Lunchtime” Peel Series
    A series of six fruit acid peels performed one week apart for 6 weeks is a discrete, no-downtime method for diminishing sun spots and uneven pigmentation. True peeling will not occur, yet your skin will look smooth and glossy as you work towards a smoother, more even complexion!
    6 peels for $275 (reg. $360)

Vitalize Peel

This innovative blend of ingredients stimulates new collagen production, and remarkably tones and firms the skin while gently lifting sun damage, hydrating the skin, minimizing wrinkles, and brightening and evening skin tone. The Vitalize peel is our favorite “entry level” medical grade peel.

Vi Peel

The Vi Peel is ideal for uneven pigmentation, acne scarring, sun-damaged skin, and deeper lines. Skin peeling typically lasts for 5-7 days. The Vi Peel is suitable for all skin types. Proper skin preparation with medical-grade products for up to two weeks may be required, or recommended for optimal results.

Jessner Peel

The Jessner Peel contains a unique blend of acids to maximize results. Peeling is comfortable – not itchy or irritating – and effective. Lift pigmentation, smooth and refine texture, and reveal fresh, new skin.

Super Jessner Peel

This highly effective peel is used to safely and comfortably lift age spots and hyperpigmentation including melisma, soften fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer more youthful skin. Peeling typically lasts 5-7 days. Use in conjunction with laser rejuvenation for maximum anti-aging and scarring treatment.

Brow shaping

Utilizing the highest quality hard waxes to provide nurturing and conditioning benefits, our expert estheticians will shape brows to enhance your facial contours naturally.


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