Advanced Skin Repair With Tomorrow’s Science

“Isis Skin & Body” is now “Elyssium Advanced Skin Care”. We originally chose the name Isis after the ancient Egyptian beauty goddess. But recently, political conditions have twisted the meaning.

So we are now Elyssium, a place or condition of ideal happiness. We have always and will always fulfill that promise: To be a place where advanced Physician-directed services and products produce healthy, smooth skin – a place or condition of ideal happiness.

Welcome to Elyssium Advanced Skin Care.

At Elyssium Advanced Skin Care, we virtually turn back time to create healthy, smooth skin, through the most recent laser advancements. Just as a healthy body depends on proper diet and exercise, healthy skin depends on the production of natural elements within the skin combined with proper skin care. Through laser – the power of light – we can safely and non-invasively stimulate the sleeping mechanisms and chemicals in our skin needed to quickly and continually repair itself. At Elyssium Advanced Skin Care we combine the latest technology in skin enhancement with carefully selected physician-grade products to achieve beautiful results. Our clinic is physician-operated.

Conveniently located on Broadway at 41st Street, Elyssium Advanced Skin Care welcomes clients into an elegant, upscale, therapeutic environment. Each client’s medical and cosmetic concerns are treated with professional care and discretion.

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In the 1960s, science harnessed the power of light when it created LASER, a light beam so uniquely in phase with itself that it can be focused as precisely as a single wavelength. Since that time, laser has served the world in miraculous ways. A recent breakthrough application of this incredible power now makes it possible to naturally rejuvenate and repair damaged and depleted skin without redness or scarring. Elyssium Advanced Skin Care offers the very latest techniques and equipment employing the miracle of harnessed light.


At Elyssium Advanced Skin Care we believe that noninvasive methods represent safer and healthier alternatives for enhancing one’s appearance. Non-invasive treatments do not require the cutting of body parts (surgery), nipping or tucking, no injection of foreign substances, or any other invasive methods that may pose a health risk. There is no redness or scarring. Every client will be given an honest assessment of our ability to achieve their desired outcome as well as a review of alternative procedures available elsewhere. At Elyssium Advanced Skin Care it is our aim to achieve natural and lasting results without the risks of injections and surgery.


Until recently, only lighter skin tones could safely receive laser skin treatment, while suntanned or darker skin tones faced an unacceptable degree of risk. However, a dramatic breakthrough in light technology now enables Elyssium to service all who walk through our doors. This next generation of laser advancements, equipped with an optimal range of frequencies and longer wavelengths of light, allow for the safe and effective treatment of all skin tones. There is no surgery, redness or scarring, nothing to heal. Just results.

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Welcome to Elyssium Advanced Skin Care.

Elyssium Philosophy

How did you start the business?

  • Noha Aboelata MD began as Elyssium Advanced Skin Care (formerly Isis Skin & Body) thirteen years ago. Her concept was to bring ethical, non-invasive healthy and affordable skin care to all skin types and skin colors in Oakland.

Who are you and what makes you unique?

  • Elyssium Advanced Skin Care is a medical spa based in Oakland California. We do laser, injectable and esthetic treatments for all skin types. We value diversity. We give back to our community. Our founders are deeply involved with our community; Dr. Aboelata has established 2 not for profit organizations Roots Health Clinic and Clean 360. Both help disenfranchised community member’s access jobs and health services they otherwise would not have.

Elyssium Staff

Noha Aboelata M.D. – Owner & Founder

Theresa Ayala – Office Manager

SJCC 2012 – Licensed Esthetician
Certifications: Cutera, Venus Concept, Certified Hydrafacial Provider

My official title is office manager, but I do a little bit of everything! I am the person behind our websites, events, staffing, promotions, emails and social media. I interact with reps from various companies to review products and machines that best suit our practice. I’m also an esthetician by trade and make time to see clients at Elyssium. I have worked in skincare and cosmetics for over 13 years, where I grew my knowledge of the industry and decided to become an esthetician. I came to Elyssium 7 years ago and feel very blessed to work with such a tight-knit, kind and talented group of people. I’m proud to serve our amazing, diverse, and friendly clients here in Oakland.

Registered Nurses

Ana Paniagua – Registered Nurse

Bachelors of Science in Nursing from San Francisco State University
Licensed Esthetician from Cinta Aveda Institute

Certifications: Venus Concept, Cutera

I am deeeply passionate about esthetics and the role it plays in holistic well being.  I believe in whole body, spiritual and mental  improvement and the role self confidence plays in freeing up the mind for focus on growth and other things.  I have been in the beauty, health, and skincare industry for over a decade.  Having worked at one of San Francisco’s best Dermatology Clinics and also at Sephora, one of the beauty industry’s most recognized retailer, I have a well rounded knowledge of skin and skincare.  I look forward to significantly serving the Oakland Community.

Katie Lea – Registered Nurse

Bachelors of Science in Nursing, 2000
Pediatric Registered Nurse, Kaiser Permanente, 2001-present
Cosmetic Nurse, Elyssium Advanced Skin Care 2003-present

I’ve worked as a cosmetic nurse for 16 years. My passion is truly helping others look and feel their best. I love enhancing people’s own natural beauty, whether that is by removing unwanted hair, dark spots, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines, or skin tags, or by helping to increase their collagen, skin elasticity and texture. My goal is to help others see how beautiful and unique they really are. I enjoy learning about new advances in skin care and educating my clients.

Specializing in laser hair removal, Venus Freeze, Venus Viva, neuromodulators (xeomin), and personalized skin care regimens.

Allison Bouska – Registered Nurse/Licensed Esthetician

Bio coming soon

Erricka Lewis – Nurse Practitioner

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Tara Kermanshahi – Licensed Esthetician

Cinta Aveda Institute 2020 – Licensed Esthetician
CIDESCO Diplomat –  2020

Certifications: DermaplanePro, Hydrafacial Master

Bio coming soon

Client Coordinators

Aliana Gomez – Client Coordinator

California Native, Raised in Berkeley, CA
Berkeley High School 1981

I have worked in customer service since graduating high school. I love people and problem solving. I’m an easy listener and empathetic. I look for the best way to handle client needs for maximum satisfaction.