vita liberata


Non-toxic, odorless, organic, paraben-free and bursting with natural extracts like hyaluron, pomegranate, yam and ginko biloba, designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Formulated with moisture-lock system, our tan dries instantly on contact with skin and fades evenly like a natural tan, with no snake-skin or patching. Get an even, stunning glow without the risk of sun exposure!



Our organic spray tan is enjoyed by people of all skin types to achieve an even tone all over the body, and to make your skin glow. For darker-complected individuals, spray tanning is a great way to camouflage imperfections, and to achieve the same tone on areas of the body that are not normally exposed to the sun. Lighter-skinned individuals who typically burn in the sun can finally enjoy the look of a bronze tan without the risks of sun exposure.

Your spray tan will fade naturally over 2-3 weeks. It will never flake or look blotchy.

Our spray tan is completely natural and organic, and works with your skin’s natural amino acids to produce a beautiful tone – never orange or “fake” looking. And best of all, it is a safe alternative to tanning.

Avoid the damaging effects of the sun such as premature wrinkles and sun spots, without sacrificing the luxury of a tan!


Do’s and Don’ts


exfoliate (and shave, if applicable) 12-24 hours prior to tanning

wear loose-fitting clothing (although any transfer will wash out)


Use moisturizer or moisturizing shower gel prior to tanning

Sweat, shower or moisturize for 4-8 hours after application



Single Tan

Full Body $45

Upper or Lower Body $30


Full Body Package of 4: $162

Full Body Package of 8: $307

Half Body Package of 4: $108

Half Body Package of 8: $205